BioMimetx gets Seal of Excellence from the European Commission

Jun 30, 2016

Global biotech startup focused on the development of “green” antifouling solutions

BioMimetx, which recently closed a seed investment of € 1,6 Million, led by Caixa Capital, was distinguished with a Seal of Excellence by the European Commission.

“The ‘Seal of Excellence’ is a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted for funding under Horizon 2020 the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. It is given to those projects which succeeded in passing all the stringent selection and award criteria of the Horizon 2020 evaluation.”

In addition to the Seal of Excellence, Biomimetx received the Phase I Grant for the SME instrument under the Horizon 2020 program, which complemented the recent Seed Round.

BioMimetx produces natural antimicrobials and algaecides from environmental bacteria discovered by the company. As the first product, BioMimetx is developing an antifouling solution to prevent marine biofouling, the natural mechanism of adhesion of marine organisms to submerged structures, to be incorporated in marine paints. The compounds produced by BioMimetx can be used in the development of a wide range of products with applications in diverse industrial sectors such as industrial biotech, agriculture or health.

Patrick Freire, co-founder of BioMimetx, is particularly proud that “Biomimetx is the first Portuguese blue biotech company to be awarded by the European Commission SME instrument, thus joining aa exclusive group of promising SME disruptors in the European marine industry”.

Stephan Morais, Executive Board Member of Caixa Capital, stated “This distinction by a stringent panel of international experts reinforces our confidence in BioMimetx and the ability to disrupt the anti-fowling agent industry.”


Biomimetx –

BioMimetx is a newborn global biotech start-up focused on the development of “green” antifouling solutions, to prevent marine biofouling, the natural mechanism of adhesion of marine organisms to submerged structures. BioMimetx discovered and owns environmental bacteria that secrete high levels of molecules, which can be used as natural antimicrobials and algaecides.

Caixa Capital –

Caixa Capital is the Private Equity and Venture Capital fund management company of Portugal´s largest banking group Caixa Geral de Depósitos, present in over 20 countries and with assets above 120 billion Euros.  Caixa Capital is a pioneering operator in the Portuguese market, with 500 million Euros under management and a total potential capital of 700 million euros for its managed funds. Caixa Capital invests in growth equity and venture capital opportunities and funds. The Venture Capital team partners with incubators, accelerators and business angels for seed and startup investments and with major international venture funds for opportunities above 1 million Euros. The team aims to support global expansion of Portugal related teams and companies and has dedicated team members to ICT, digital, health tech, engineering and cleantech investments.