Executive Committee

Board Member

Paulo Ribeiro

Paulo Ribeiro, CFA has more than 15 years of experience in financial markets and joined Caixa Capital on July 2018.

Previously, Paulo was Head of Product Development at Caixagest from March 2015 until July 2018. Main responsibilities included identifying gaps in existing client solutions, launching and managing new funds across all asset classes and fund formats (including systematic strategies).

Before joining Caixagest, Paulo was Head of Issuance and Markets Division at the Portuguese Debt Management Office (IGCP) with the task of setting up the Portuguese Republic funding strategy and regain market access in the scope of the EUR 78 Bil. macroeconomic adjustment programme. Concluded transactions that granted IGCP several international awards including bond exchanges, syndications, buybacks, auctions and a historical USD 4,5 Bil. MTN issue. During his term financial market operations amounted to more than Eur 20 Bil.

Previously to joining IGCP in January 2009 Paulo was Fixed Income Portfolio Manager since 2001 and graduated in Management from Nova School of Business & Economics.