19 Apr 2016

Stephan Morais re-elected to the International Venture Club Council

Caixa Capital Executive Board Member is re-elected as Council General Member to an international network of leading venture investors


Members of the International Venture Club (IVC) have appointed a new Council. Stephan Morais, Executive Board Member at Caixa Capital, has been re-elected as Council General Member. The Council election took place during the IVC Annual General Meeting in Lausanne.  Other firms represented in the council include Jolt Capital, Environmental Technologies Fund, Samsung Electronics, Creathor Venture, Evonik Industries, and Gilde Healthcare.

The IVC was formed in 2011 as a joint initiative of 17 independent, corporate and institutional investors, to enable deeper collaboration across investments stages, domains, technologies and borders. At its core, the IVC facilitates inter-investor relationship building, co-investments, and identifying investment opportunities. Initiated by active investors and governed by an elected Council, the IVC today has 65 members across a variety of sectors and is managed by Tech Tour. 

“It is a great honor to be chosen to the International Venture Club Council. I look forward to working with the IVC and the other Council members in implementing the club´s initiatives,” stated Stephan Morais.