22 Jan 2016

PRODSMART wins the 1st edition of Startup Lisboa Boost and ensures investment from Caixa Capital

Smart factory management system “made in Portugal” prepares its expansion to the German market

Caixa Capital announced PRODSMART as the grand winner of the 1st edition of Startup Lisboa Boost.
PRODSMART is a complete analysis, management and optimization system for production lines and industrial shops.Through the use of tablets and sensors for data input, PRODSMART facilitates the implementation of paperless production processes and provides real-time production information. PRODSMART belongs to a the current wave of Industry 4.0 technologies, which embrace automation, information and manufacturing technologies, enabling the creation of “smart factories. The flexibility and ease of implementation of its platform has allowed PRODSMART to attract various notable customers, including Science4You and the J3LP Group, among others.

Recently PRODSMART was accepted into Techfounders, a 5 month acceleration program for Industry 4.0 and IoT startups run by Unternehmertum, of the Business and Innovation Centre of the Technical University of Munich and with strong ties to large German industrial groups. During the program, PRODSMART will be working with FESTO, a big player in the industrial automation field with over €3 bn in sales and over 300 thousand customers worldwide.

As a result, PRODSMART has ensured an investment of €100,000 by Caixa Capital, and will participate in the Caixa Empreender Award event to be held on 3 February 2016, where it will be eligible for an additional €100,000 in funding.

Stephan Morais, Executive Director at Caixa Capital, stated that “In only a few years Portugal has produced a considerable number of world-class startups, some of which have already achieved a significant level of international notoriety. Congratulations to PRODSMART, which will now become part of Caixa Capital’s growing early stage investment portfolio.”

Gonçalo Fortes, CEO da PRODSMART, stated: “We are very proud to have been selected as the winner of the 1st edition of Startup Lisboa Boost and look forward to working with Caixa Capital to help us with our expansion to the German market and access their network of international investors”.

Caixa Capital —
Caixa Capital is the Private Equity and Venture Capital fund management company of Portugal´s largest banking group Caixa Geral de Depósitos, present in over 20 countries and with assets above 120 billion Euros. With a total of close to 700 million Euros under management, the largest and most relevant in the country, Caixa Capital invests in growth equity and venture capital opportunities and funds. The Venture Capital team partners with incubators, accelerators and business angels for seed and startup investments and with major international venture funds for opportunities above 1 million Euros. The team aims to support global expansion of Portugal related teams and companies and has dedicated team members to ICT, digital, health tech, engineering and clean tech investments.

Startup-Lisboa —
Startup Lisboa is an incubator founded in Lisbon in 2011 by the city of Lisbon, Montepio Geral and IAPMEI. Currently, has 100 incubated startups with more than 250 people (two buildings, one in Rua da Prata for ICT-startups, and other in Rua Castilho for startups in the area of trade and tourism and a residence for entrepreneurs in Rua do Comércio). This incubator ready supported more than 200 startups and promoted the creation of about 800 jobs since the opening of the first building in February 2012. Since then, Startup Lisboa has received more than 3000 applications. Currently, it has more than 100 mentors and approximately 90 partners.