17 May 2016

Caixa Capital leads € 1,6 Million seed round in BioMimetx

Global biotech startup focused on the development of "green" antifouling solutions

BioMimetx, winner of COHiTEC 2014 for which it secured € 100 k from Caixa Capital, has just raised a seed investment of € 1,6 Million. This investment round was led by Caixa Capital, with co-investments from Intercapital (an Investment vehicle led by João Paulo Champalimaud) and Teak Capital (an Investment vehicle led by the Moreira da Silva family).

BioMimetx produces natural antimicrobials and algaecides from environmental bacteria discovered by the company. As the first product, BioMimetx is developing an antifouling solution to prevent marine biofouling, the natural mechanism of adhesion of marine organisms to submerged structures, to be incorporated in marine paints. The compounds produced by BioMimetx can be used in the development of a wide range of products with applications in diverse industrial sectors such as industrial biotech, agriculture or health.

Patrick Freire, co-founder of BioMimetx, declared that “this funding is crucial to continue with product development and regulatory efforts. We are thankful for the leadership of Caixa Capital in raising this seed round executed with Intercapital and Teak Capital as co-investors. This investment enables us to move one step closer to the market”.

Stephan Morais, Executive Board Member of Caixa Capital, stated “We look forward to continuing supporting this promising Portuguese startup. The company has achieved all the milestones up until now and the product can be a major game-changer in the industrial biotech space.”

João Paulo Champalimaud, Executive Director of Intercapital, mentioned that “This investment demonstrates the trust Intercapital deposits in the R&D and IP generated by the team.”

Pedro Moreira da Silva, Executive Director of Teak Capital, stated that “We are very satisfied to support another COTEC project, and look forward to working with the team, Caixa Capital, and Intercapital in BioMimetx.”